18 holes of Stamina

What if you could hit your golf ball consistently farther, straighter, with more accuracy, less pain and fewer injuries?

What is Golf Conditioning by means of Pilates?
Pilates for Golf is the one exercise program that will help you hit your ball farther and straighter, with reduced risk of injury and back pain.

How does it work?
Pilates for Golf builds strength and flexibility simultaneously. You develop core strength, improve your posture and alignment, and create stability. All the elements needed for a great swing!

Pilates has been proven to:
  • Improve posture  > improves rotation > more powerful drives
  • Increase strength & flexibility > faster club head speed > longer drives
  • Improve balance & coordination > improved swing dynamics
  • Identify & strengthen your core > hitting the ball with more force
  • Define & improve muscle tone > stabilises the pelvis and hips for straighter drives
  • Reduce or eliminate back pain > more play with less or no pain
  • Increase energy levels > 18 holes of stamina

Fact is, successful golfers need to keep hitting big, accurate, powerful drives right through the 18th hole. Building core strength through Pilates gives you the ability to create power over and over again and will keep your strokes and you, from losing steam before you hit the clubhouse.