Quotes from Clients

Henrica's Pilates sessions have made a massive difference to the way I view and feel about my body and I always feel so energised after every class. Pilates has changed my life!                            

I am very glad that I came to your lessons, enjoyed and benefited very much :))  I am planning to carry on in Bangkok as well!  

Henrica is an excellent teacher; she gives very clear and simple instructions, explains everything and checks if we do it properly. She always reminds us to pay attention to breathing. Henrica keeps me motivated and gives me enough individual attention while in a group class. I highly recommend Henrica as a Pilates instructor. 

We have done a lot of Pilates all over the world. Henrica's lessons are really good. She explains the sense and purpose of the exercise very well so you get the most out of it. For us this means a great way to strengthen our body core. Ever since we started Pilates we never had back issues anymore. We recommend it to everybody and especially the great lessons Henrica teaches.               
Wai & Feddo

I really have enjoyed and looked forward to Pilates each week. And missed it when you've been away! It's a first for me to actually enjoy planned activity... and most of that is down to an excellent teacher. Thank you.                    

After suffering for years with a herniated disc I began Pilates classes and found my flexibility was improved, the pain relieved and my core strengthened, which will hopefully prevent any recurrence in the future.  I also find it both energising yet calming and feel like its become an essential part of my week.                          

Pilates helps me greatly with running, strengthening the core and increasing my flexibility. 

I really enjoyed Pilates with you.  You made me remember how much I love it.  I will continue with it.  I really appreciate that!  You are a wonderful teacher and I really wish you all the best in Prague. 
Aimee W.

I've only been taking classes for a few months and I notice I am much more balanced while riding my horse.  I think my horse notices it too.  You were there to guide, support and make me feel good about myself.                
Alison A.

Henrica is an excellent Pilates instructor: friendly, professional and gently encouraging greater effort.  Her classes are relaxed but structured and very enjoyable - she is hugely missed in Madrid!  

Pilates is a very important ingredient for me to be able to continue my life as a very active competitive athlete equestrian sports and cardio sports in my fifties. 

Doing Pilates regularly has helped me feel much stronger. I can feel a real improvement in my muscles and my ability to do other activities. Henrica is a great teacher who is challenging, but keeps the workouts manageable. It's hard, but fun and even somewhat relaxing.